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SS VR SHINECON IV Virtual Reality 3D Headset

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VR SHINECON IV Virtual Reality 3D Headset VR Box Video Glasses for iPhone, Samsung, Huawei, Xiaomi, 4.5 inch - 6.0 inch Android & iOS Smartphone (Black)

1. This is a great budget VR Glasses headset. High quality stereo headphone , flexible and removable , this design is very creative , make this VR headset more portable . 
2. Watch 3D movies and play games like never before. 
3. Fit the size: 4.5 inch - 6.0 inch all Android and iOS smartphone. 
4. Good cooling design: The front cover is adsorbed by magnet, easily to be remove, make the phone cool while using; You can charge and use earphone at the same time through the ventilation holes on both sides. 
5. 3D Glasses made of ABS and optical resin lens without stimulation plastic. sheet,environmentally friendly, fully enclosed designed. 
6. Distance adjustable between the phone and the lens for people with distinctive visions 
7. Secret images, others can not see anything except the wearer. 
8. Convenient for watching at anytime anywhere, whether sitting, lying or standing No visual fatigue and dizzy caused, even of using for long time with the resin lens.