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5 PCS Mini Garden Scoop Multi-function Succulents Soil Scoops Plastic Soil Shovel Spoons Teaspoons Transparent Color Shovels, Size: 8.8cm

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1. Ideal for Succulents planting.
2. Also can be used to shovel little things like tea, powder, coffee powder, seasoning, etc.
3. Enables precise soil and pavement stone into the flower pot, won't scattered around.
4. Environmental protection, non-toxic, odorless, safe and pollution-free.
5. Help you grow plants, help you take care of your garden, and take care of your micro-landscape better.
6. Light and easy to carry. Not easy to be damaged.
7. Basic bonsai kit meets the needs of the beginner and advanced flower or miniature tree gardener.
8. Only sale out the spoon and no other accessories included.

Material Plastic
Size 8.8*1.3cm
Weight 13g
Package Weight
One Package Weight 0.02kgs / 0.05lb
Qty per Carton 220
Carton Weight 5.08kgs / 11.20lb
Carton Size 33cm * 32cm * 32cm / 12.99inch * 12.6inch * 12.6inch