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3 Pack Marble And Gold Belt Watches (Colour: Coffee)

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1.Brand new and high quality
2.Case material:Metal
3.Dial Shape:Round
4.Strap material:Leather
5.Big dial design with cool color to beautify your mood
6.Can be used as decoration,good gift to your friends or family

Movement Quartz
Style Leisure
Case Material Alloy
Waterproof Can not
OuterId T3000011
Shape of the dial Round
BraceletStuff Imitation leather
Mirror material Ordinary glass mirror
Are patent sources No
For people Adult
Special function Noctilucent
Display Type Pointer
Package Weight
One Package Weight 0.14kgs / 0.30lb
Qty per Carton 100
Carton Weight 10.50kgs / 23.15lb
Carton Size 40cm * 30cm * 40cm / 15.75inch * 11.81inch * 15.75inch