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100 PCS 12 inch Disposable Piping Bag Icing Fondant Cake Cream Decorating Pastry Tip Tools

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1. It is made of PE plastic material, feel comfortable and safe to use
2. No mess or cleaning
3. Strong, disposable bags
4. Can be used with or without nozzles
5. Simply cut the end of the bag to its desired size
6. Perfect for decorating cakes
7. Wide range of use: cake/bakery/party/hotel

Size 12 inch
Product Weight 278g(100pcs)
Package Weight
One Package Weight 0.29kgs / 0.63lb
Qty per Carton 70
Carton Weight 21.30kgs / 46.96lb
Carton Size 35cm * 30cm * 20cm / 13.78inch * 11.81inch * 7.87inch